Can I track my package?

After your order is shipped, we will email you a tracking number. A tracking number does not mean your item can not get lost, and we can take no responsibility for items lost in the mail.


What if I need something to ship quickly?

If you need something quickly, you can upgrade your shipping to priority or express.


What if my ring or bracelet does not fit?

We can make small adjustments in the sizes of most rings. Please email us if your jewelry does not fit and we will let you know if the size can be changed on your item. There may be a small shipping fee. Better yet, double check your size at a jewelry counter before ordering, as they will have the knowledge and tools to get your proper size.


Can I return something that was given to me as a gift?

If you need to exchange a piece that was given to you as a gift, or need a gift re-sized, the gift giver must contact me. We can only accept resizing or exchanges from the person who bought the original piece. No returns are accepted from the gift recipient because we have no way of knowing if the item was purchased from Cherished Silver.


Do you offer gift wrap?

Yes, we offer gift wrap on all items. Your gift will ship in a jewelry box that is wrapped and tied with ribbon. You can select this option during checkout.


How can I minimize tarnish on my silver jewelry?

Over time, any kind of fine silver jewelry that is exposed to air will begin to tarnish. To minimize tarnish, avoid leaving your jewelry in high-moisture areas unprotected. For example, do not leave it in the bathroom or wear it in the swimming pool or shower.


However, the best way to avoid tarnish is to wear your silver every day! Oils from your skin accumulate on the surface of silver and predispose it to oxidization.


When silver plated flatware was used for dining purposes, it was incredibly tedious to polish an entire set. Polishing a few pieces of jewelry takes only seconds. We recommend you keep a small silver polish cloth in your jewelry box to shine your pieces as needed. During checkout, you’ll be able to add a small silver polish cloth to your order.


The silverware is from the 1920’s. What condition can I expect?

Before being assembled into jewelry, we burnish the silver pieces. This gentle tumbling process is not abrasive and does not remove any material from the surface of the metal or damage the metal in any way. It does knock off minor burrs if you have them, leaving the outer layer of the metal harder and the finished product brilliantly polished. Many customers cannot believe how “new” the silver pieces look.


Burnishing does not remove gouges, though it will smooth them. While all of our jewelry has been cleaned, burnished, and polished, the silverware has led a long and useful life. It has acquired its fair share of nicks, marks, and wear spots which it bears proudly. It is evident that you are wearing a unique piece of jewelry that has a life story of its own.