Each piece of jewelry that we create is truly one of a kind. First, we acquire the silverware. We are gifted unwanted sets, scour antique shops for unique patterns, and trade jewelry in exchange for silverware. From there, we sift through our silverware to decide which pieces would be best for pendants, rings, bracelets, and charms. The type of jewelry made from each piece of silverware is based on the silverware’s thickness, pattern, and length of stem. From there, we remove tarnish, drill, bevel, cut, shape, sand, bend, and polish each piece. These shiny pieces are then ready to be made into jewelry. We assemble pendants, and create bracelets by adding genuine stone beads, chains, and clasps.


Please remember these beautiful pieces are made from very old antique silverware. Some light scratches may be visible. We think that this only adds to the character and charm of each piece.

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