Read what others have to say about Cherished Silver.

Ellie Schroeder

“This bracelet is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that is sure to start a conversation. It would make a wonderful gift or a great keepsake.”

Kay Eibl

I absolutely love the jewelry that Cherished Silver is making! The beautiful necklace that I purchased from Cherished Silver was custom-made to the length I wanted! I can't wait to get more of their stunning pieces.

Kristi Gilbert

“My favorite new bracelet, bought for me by my 14 year old son. It will be cherished always! :) Love the uniqueness of it! Thanks for making a great product.”

Helen Gibbons, North Carolina

I just got two gorgeous bracelets! One is a chakra bracelet, which was a custom bracelet specially for me! The other was intended as a gift...uh, it is staying with me...simply great quality and I love them both! The lava beads are great for my doTERRA oils...I love the silver combination. Sooooo, I'm thinking of taking my baby fork from 60+ years ago and having a special bracelet and necklace made…

Alina Sachs, California

I absolutely loved my bracelets the moment I got them! They are definitely unique, and add something special to the outfit. I wear them with evening gowns as well as casual yoga clothing - they can fit any style.

A few weeks ago I was throwing a baby shower party for my friend/coworker, and decided to order a few different bracelets as presents to the contests’ winners. The girls did not expect any presents, and when they saw the bracelets - the contests really heated up! Everybody wanted to win one.

I love how snug they fit the wrist too. I teach dancing and deal with holding people’s hands all the time. It really helps that the bracelets stay in one place and don’t go up and down the arm.

Holidays are coming - bracelets would definitely be on the list to get again! One of a kind present.

Kathleen Stern, Green Lake

I appreciated the personal interest in helping me make appropriate choices for my grandnieces.

Ellen O'Kray, Menomonee Falls

I loved the presentation, communication, and variety.